What about you ?

Have you ever communicated by television ?
  yes no

Have you ever communicated by
cinema ?
  yes no

How many
commercials do you have made a year ?
more than one a year one a year less than one a year

Who conceives your commercials ?
Your marketing / communication department  
A production company  
Your advertising agency 
A film director (without intermediaries) 
Other :

What were the objectives of your last audiovisual campaign ?
Intensify the reputation of a product or service
Intensify the reputation of the brand
Gain market share for the product
Change the image of the brand or product
Other :

Do you think you reached these objectives ?
  yes no

If " No " then Why ?
a creative problem a directing problem a media problem
Other :

If you’ve never used television or motion pictures as a means of communication, why ?
Film, too costly
Space buying, too costly
Other advertising medium : presse outdoor and transportation advertising radio other supports
Other reason :

Would you communicate by TV or cinema soon ?
  yes no

Would you be interested in ordering a commercial directly from " Les Films de l’Audace " ?
  yes no
if no then why ?


                            WHO ARE YOU ?

Company name :

Specialization :

Manager's name :

address :

Localisation :

telephone :

fax :

e-mail :